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Johnson & Johnson Ltd., the makers of LISTERINE®, are delighted to bring you these articles, with the aim of supporting the ongoing Enhanced CPD needs of dental professionals in improving and maintaining the oral health of their patients.

Each article is equivalent to one hour of Enhanced CPD.

To help you maintain a formal Enhanced CPD log of verifiable activity along with documentary evidence, each article refers to which of the four development outcomes can be met.

The four outcomes include

Effective communication with patients, the dental
team and others across dentistry
Effective management of self and effective
management of others or effective work with others in
the dental team, in the interests of patients
Maintenance and development of knowledge and skill
within your field of practice
Maintenance of skills, behaviours and attitudes which
maintain patient confidence in you and the dental
profession and put patients’ interests first
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Latest Content

Helping to prevent periodontal disease

This article presents an overview of current evidence supporting a three-step oral care regimen for periodontal patients between appointments

Learning outcomes: C

A pathway to healthier gums

This article explores the ongoing need to help patients in their efforts to achieve improved oral health, using the ‘Healthy gums do matter toolkit’ developed by the Greater Manchester Local Dental Network as a basis.

Learning outcomes: A | B | C | D

Orthodontic preventive care

This article explores the oral health implications of orthodontic treatment and the kind of preventive care between appointments that may help orthodontic patients control plaque biofilm.

Learning outcomes: A | C