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Periodontal disease: causes, risk factors and prevention

This article considers the current evidence base in relation to periodontal disease, as well as exploring when to intervene, how to share the information with patients to best effect, and how progress can be monitored for improved outcomes.

How to make visiting the dentist child’s play

This article explores how dental professionals can work to best effect with child patients to prevent the development of any fears associated with attending the practice.

Dental care for mother and baby

The aim of this article is to offer an evidence-based overview of the possible oral health needs of a pregnant woman and provide support on how to guide them through those first few months of motherhood in terms of their child’s oral health needs.

Evaluating oral care for hard-to-reach areas

This article considers the challenges all patients face when brushing and cleaning interdentally, as well exploring the limitations resulting from reduced dexterity, offering evidence-based solutions to help support their oral health.

Dentistry and the use of antibiotics

This article explores the latest evidence regarding antibiotic use and resistance, and offer practical ways to avoid patients’ requests for such prescriptions when their use is unnecessary.

Oral health and mental health

This article explores the measures dental health care professionals (DHCPs) may need to incorporate into their care, to ensure any special needs are met when dealing with patients with possible mental health issues.


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