LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste – an alcohol-free LISTERINE® with multiple benefits

  • Offers the anti-plaque power of the LISTERINE® brand’s 4 Essential Oils
  • Reduction of plaque bacteria1
  • Contains 220 ppm (0.05%) fluoride for enamel demineralisation protection
  • Significantly higher fluoride uptake than Fluorigard in vitro2
  • Contains zinc chloride to reduce calculus formation to help keep teeth naturally white3–8
  • Softer taste liked by the large majority of patients9
  • Provides lasting fresh breath
  • ‘Family-friendly’ – suitable for patients aged 6+

LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste– a logical adjunct to mechanical oral care regimes for patients who prefer zero alcohol and a less intense taste.


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