Total Care Milder Taste

LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste – for patients needing a zero-alcohol LISTERINE®

Patients have different reasons for wanting an alcohol-free mouth rinse, including:
– Preference for a less intense taste
– Lifestyle choice
– Religious reasons
– Medical condition/history
– Preference for a family mouth rinse that can be shared with children 6+

The formulation of LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste has been carefully designed for a less intense taste and to ensure that the product's four Essential Oils (menthol, thymol, methyl salicylate and eucalyptol) are completely dissolved and maintain bioavailability in the absence of alcohol.

LISTERINE® formulated without alcohol offers effective reduction of plaque indices
In a randomised controlled study of 337 healthy adults, LISTERINE® Milder Taste demonstrated a plaque reduction of 31.6% compared to negative control after six months of use.1

Recently, in vitro studies were conducted to determine the plaque bacteria kill rate of alcohol-free LISTERINE® compared to other alcohol-free daily-use mouth rinses. They demonstrated that the plaque bacteria kill rate with LISTERINE® was higher than with other alcohol-free daily mouth rinses.2 The four Essential Oils that power LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste provide a broad spectrum of bacterial kill.3

With 220 ppm added fluoride, LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste provides strong enamel protection
An additional benefit of LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste is the fluoride content (220 ppm, equivalent to 0.05%). And, unlike a fluoridated dentifrice, LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste can consistently reach all 5 exposed tooth surfaces, including interproximal regions. So it could be of real benefit in helping to re-harden patients' enamel. Particularly as its optimum short-term pH level maximises fluoride uptake by the tooth surface. In fact, LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste is significantly more effective in promoting fluoride uptake into softened enamel than Fluorigard.4

Zero alcohol for a less intense taste
Developing a formulation without alcohol and optimising the flavour balance has reduced the taste intensity of LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste. A consumer survey (n=120) showed that most people (>70%) liked the milder taste of LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste.5

Studies have shown that LISTERINE® makes a significant difference when used as an adjunct to mechanical cleaning.1,6,7 With LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste, there is now a LISTERINE® variant that can be recommended even to patient groups who require a less intense flavour or an alcohol-free daily mouth rinse.

Measures of Plaque

In vitro studies have shown that LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste provides significant reductions in levels of plaque-causing bacteria.1

Protection by Total Care Milder Taste

Factors contributing to enamel demineralisation include plaque accumulation in hard to reach areas missed by brushing, and chemical causes – such as acidic drinks. Acidic drinks, a major cause of enamel erosion, can attack all 5 tooth surfaces. Unlike a fluoridated dentifrice, LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste can consistently reach all 5 exposed tooth surfaces, including interproximal regions.

Total Care Milder Taste Container

Dental calculus is a deposit of calcium phosphate salts on the tooth surface. It is commonly believed to form by the mineralisation of undisturbed plaque.1,2


Replacing alcohol with emulsifiers and surfactants, and developing a well-balanced flavour for the LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste formulation, has reduced the taste intensity.


  • Offers the anti-plaque power of the LISTERINE® brand’s 4 Essential Oils
  • Reduction of plaque bacteria1
  • Contains 220 ppm (0.05%) fluoride for enamel demineralisation protection
  • Significantly higher fluoride uptake than Fluorigard in vitro2
  • Contains zinc chloride to reduce calculus formation to help keep teeth naturally white3–8
  • Softer taste liked by the large majority of patients9
  • Provides lasting fresh breath
  • ‘Family-friendly’ – suitable for patients aged 6+


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