Total Care Sensitive Promotion

LISTERINE® Total Care Sensitive promotes re-mineralisation of enamel and helps protect nerves in patients with dentine hypersensitivity

LISTERINE® Total Care Sensitive contains 100 ppm sodium fluoride – LISTERINE® containing fluoride has been shown to promote effective re-mineralisation.1 Additionally, LISTERINE® Total Care Sensitive contains potassium nitrate, an ingredient commonly used in 'sensitive' dentifrices. Potassium nitrate has a soothing effect.

Potassium nitrate is released as potassium ions when applied to the mouth.

So consider recommending LISTERINE® Total Care Sensitive – all the benefits of LISTERINE® Total Care with added potassium nitrate – to appropriate patients.

Which product?
The LISTERINE® range includes two sensitivity products, aimed at those with dentine hypersensitivity.
LISTERINE® Total Care Sensitive is based on potassium nitrate and is for people with sensitive teeth who are seeking to protect against the causes of sensitivity by improving their level of plaque control, preventing mineral loss, and by protecting the nerves that can cause tooth sensitivity.
LISTERINE® Advanced Defence Sensitive is an advanced on-going daily treatment for patients with dentine hypersensitivity who seek pain relief.


  1. Zero DT et al. The remineralizing effect of an essential oil fluoride mouthrinse in an intraoral caries test. J Am Dent Assoc 2004; 135: 231–237.