Total Care Sensitive

LISTERINE® Total Care Sensitive – a triple mode of action that protects and cares for sensitive teeth

As with all the LISTERINE® Total Care products, LISTERINE® Total Care Sensitive is formulated with four Essential Oils that penetrate deep into the plaque biofilm.

LISTERINE® Total Care Sensitive reduces plaque accumulation by up to 52% when used as an adjunct to brushing and flossing,1 to help protect against gum disease and hence gingival recession.*

LISTERINE® Total Care Sensitive contains fluoride to promote re-mineralisation of teeth2 and potassium nitrate to help protect nerves against dentine hypersensitivity.3

Compared to potassium-containing toothpastes:
“The regular  use of a pre- or post-rinse mouthwash (following toothbrushing) may be more acceptable to consumers [with dentine hypersensitivity]...”3

*These data refer to LISTERINE® Total Care Sensitive formulated with alcohol.

Total Care Sensitive Promotion

LISTERINE® Total Care Sensitive contains 100 ppm sodium fluoride – LISTERINE® containing fluoride has been shown to promote effective re-mineralisation.1 Additionally, LISTERINE® Total Care Sensitive contains potassium nitrate, an ingredient commonly used in 'sensitive' dentifrices. Potassium nitrate has a soothing effect.


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