Total Care Enamel Guard

LISTERINE® Total Care Enamel Guard: effective enamel defence and plaque control

Total Care Enamel Guard is a unique formulation of LISTERINE® that combines the benefits of high-fluoride uptake with significant bacterial growth reduction for added protection from enamel demineralisation and dental caries.

LISTERINE®’s unique blend of Essential Oils have been proven to kill the acid-producing bacteria that are associated with dental caries,1 and are included in Enamel Guard.

LISTERINE® Total Care Enamel Guard has been formulated with 225 ppm fluoride, permitting up to double the salivary fluoride levels compared with brushing alone.2 This provides highly efficient fluoride delivery for uptake and re-hardening comparable to formulations with twice the fluoride.3,4

Mouth rinses with 225 ppm fluoride, such as LISTERINE® Total Care Enamel Guard, increase fluoride levels above those for brushing with fluoride toothpaste alone2

Adapted from Duckworth et al. 2009.2

  • Salivary fluoride levels were doubled at the 10-minute mark when 225 ppm fluoridated mouth rinse was added to the brushing and flossing regime (p=0.00001)2

High fluoride uptake

The short-term pH level of LISTERINE® Total Care Enamel Guard maximises fluoride uptake by the tooth surface.1

Protection by Total Care Enamel Guard

In a study to determine re-mineralisation potential and resistance to acid challenge of human enamel samples, LISTERINE® Total Care Enamel Guard showed enamel re-hardening comparable to Sensodyne Pronamel after 20 days and after acid challenge in vitro.1 Differences in microhardness between LISTERINE® Total Care Enamel Guard with 225 ppm fluoride and Sensodyne ProNamel with 450 ppm fluoride were not significant after 20 days or at any time point (p>0.05).1

Plaque Accumulation

Acid-producing bacteria are associated with dental caries.1

Further protection

Acid produced by cariogenic bacteria represent a significant cariogenic challenge.1 In a study of LISTERINE®, chlorhexidine and water, LISTERINE® was observed to effectively reduce plaque acidogenicity after sucrose challenge.1


LISTERINE® Total Care Enamel Guard reaches all exposed tooth surfaces, including hard to reach areas where plaque accumulates and areas exposed to acidic drinks, a major cause of enamel demineralisation. Unlike a fluoridated dentifrice, LISTERINE® Total Care Enamel Guard can reach all 5 exposed tooth surfaces, including interproximal regions.


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