Total Care

LISTERINE® Total Care – advanced products, delivering real benefits to your patients

The LISTERINE® Total Care range is an effective adjunct to help reduce plaque bacteria and manage biofilm.

Plaque biofilm is the main cause of gum disease and dental caries, and plaque regrowth on teeth begins immediately after brushing. LISTERINE® has broad antibacterial effects against a wide range of bacterial species, killing them by destroying their cell walls and inhibiting their ability to multiply. In addition to containing the LISTERINE® four Essential Oils – menthol, thymol, methyl salicylate and eucalyptol, which have antibacterial properties and kill plaque bacteria – LISTERINE® Total Care products offer differing levels of fluoride and other benefits to meet particular patients’ needs.

Total Care – Plaque Control

Adding LISTERINE® Total Care to your patients’ daily prevention routine finishes the job started by mechanical cleaning. Following mechanical cleaning – brushing and flossing/interdental cleaning – with a mouth rinse that will lower the bacterial burden in the mouth is an important part of achieving the ultimate in oral care at home, and something that you can help your patients understand how to achieve. Promoting a partnership approach that clearly and concisely presents the benefits of combining daily prevention with regular hygiene appointments will help patients with this.

Total Care Sensitive

As with all the LISTERINE® Total Care products, LISTERINE® Total Care Sensitive is formulated with four Essential Oils that penetrate deep into the plaque biofilm.

Total Care Milder Taste

Patients have different reasons for wanting an alcohol-free mouth rinse, including:
– Preference for a less intense taste
– Lifestyle choice
– Religious reasons
– Medical condition/history
– Preference for a family mouth rinse that can be shared with children 6+

Total Care Enamel Guard

Total Care Enamel Guard is a unique formulation of LISTERINE® that combines the benefits of high-fluoride uptake with significant bacterial growth reduction for added protection from enamel demineralisation and dental caries.