Incremental tubule occlusion

LISTERINE® Advanced Defence Sensitive demonstrated incremental tubule occlusion when applied in addition to sensitive toothpastes in vitro1

Blocking dentine tubules in dentine discs from human molars1

LISTERINE® Advanced Defence Sensitive can be used in combination with the most recommended toothpaste from the leading sensitivity brand to significantly improve their performance, and is at least 30% more effective than toothpaste alone at occluding dentine tubules after just 6 uses (p<0.05).1,2

The tubule occlusion provided by LISTERINE® Advanced Defence Sensitive withstands daily challenges to provide lasting protection for sensitive teeth in vitro.3

Do not recommend this product if patients have a history of kidney disease, hyperoxaluria, kidney stones or malabsorption syndrome, or take high doses of vitamin C (1000 mg or more per day).


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