The LISTERINE® Product Range

The LISTERINE® Product Range

LISTERINE® Advanced Defence, Total Care and Smart Rinse for children

The LISTERINE® Advanced Defence range comprises advanced products, designed for recommendation by dentists, and formulated to address specific issues – read more here


LISTERINE® Total Care products provide a range of benefits to your patients.

LISTERINE® Smart Rinse is our product specifically designed for children.

Alternatively, you might like to visit our product recommendation section to see which products might be most suited for your patients

Other LISTERINE® products

Read about our other products: the LISTERINE® Base Range, Teeth & Gum, or your patients may be interested in the benefits of Stay White

Advanced products with robust scientific support

LISTERINE® has a wealth of data available, the basic formulation having been available for many years; and our advanced products have been specially formulated to deliver specific benefits. Read more here.

Science of LISTERINE®

LISTERINE® has been available for decades, the original formulation having been available throughout the 1900s, and therefore there is a substantial evidence base for its use. LISTERINE® has been the focus of much clinical research; with more than thirty long-term studies having been conducted over the last forty years.


The broad LISTERINE® range ensures there’s a suitable product for your patients