pathogenic plaque bacteria

Listerine® Advanced Defence Cavity Guard provides effective reduction of pathogenic plaque bacteria

Plaque bacteria are an important risk factor for caries and in an in vitro study of a plaque biofilm model, Advanced Defence Cavity Guard reduced plaque bacteria levels by 99%. Significantly outperformed Colgate® Fluorigard (p<0.05).1

Mean reduction versus water (negative control) in plaque-causing bacteria in the biofilm in vitro1

Adapted from an in vitro study: reduction in plaque biofilm, DOF 6 – 2013.1


Significant additional long-term plaque reduction in vivo

In a long-term (six month) study of plaque reduction, mechanical cleaning was followed by eithea formula similar to Advanced Defence Cavity Guard or a negative control rinse (5% hydroalcohol rinse).2

Reduction in plaque index after 6 months vs. baseline (normal oral hygiene)2

Adapted from an in vivo study: Cortell SC et al. Am J Dent 2013; 26(3): 149-55.2


  • This six-month in vivo study involving over 200 patients showed that a formula similar to Advanced Defence Cavity Guard was three times more effective at reducing plaque than the negative control (p<0.001).2


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